DECORLUXES Square Furniture Legs 3 Inch Modern Sofa Couch Bed Coffee Chair Desk Table Feet To Stand In Buffet Or Kitchen Fashionable For Century Set 4 With Metal Screw

  • ✅SUCH EASY INSTALLATION: There are full hardware kit contains 4 furniture legs with US standard 5/16” bolts, 12 screws, 4 insert nuts. It is easy to install the furniture legs in 10 minutes, you get a “new” bench, sofa, chest of drawers or bed table. We listed specific dimensions in the picture beside.
  • ✅ULTRA DURABLE: Solid nacre material gives the product maximum support weight higher than normal, hard wood with its humidity <12%, no beetle, no musty, both for indoor and outdoor.
  • ✅MODERN & SIMPLE STYLE: It’s cinnamon color as well as its wood veins of solid nacre and angular shape gives your house the unique charm with modern and simple design.
  • ✅MEET EVERY DEMAND: Match other kind of hardwoods to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of furniture like couches, sofas, chairs ottomans and so on.
  • ✅LIFELONG MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We will gladly give you a 100% lifelong refund if you are not satisfied. No questions asked!

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