Large Serving Tray Wooden Rustic 16.54 x 11.81 Inch With Handles Fruit Food Breakfast Coffee Cupcake Decorative Dinner Party


You want a rustic wooden serving tray with handles use for family or friends! You have a strong desire to improve your lifestyle!

DECORLUXES RUSTIC WOODEN SERVING TRAY WITH HANDLES is a specially designed for people like you, who want to make a change in their life. It will help:

✅ EASY TO CLEAN THE SERVING TRAY BY HAND: Simply hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth; DO NOT wash in the dishwasher or soak in water.

✅ EASY TO CARRY THE SERVING TRAY: Sturdy built-in handles on each side transport of meals from the kitchen to living room, bedroom or outdoors; a high wall surrounding the tray keeps things neat and in place.

✅ THE LARGE WOODEN SERVING TRAY WITH PERFECT SIZE: 42 x 30 x 4 cm (16.54 x 11.81 x 1.6 inch). This tray can handle breakfast in bed, drink service by the pool, moving food to and from the grill or bringing out delectable desserts to friends and family.

✅ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SERVING TRAY FOR EVERYONE: Could be used as a tea tray, fruit dish or pastry plate, etc. Usage-for wedding banquets, serving cheese, wine, snack, meals, tea to share quality time with your families and friends; serving drinks, coffee, tea at hotels, bars or coffee shops; simply displaying cherished items and also for creating home decor displays.

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Would you agree you need one of our rustic wooden serving tray with handles? Could you see the benefits of a rustic wooden serving tray with handles? Are you serious about changing your habits? Do you think now is the right moment to make a change?

If the answer is YES, what are you waiting for?

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